SatSmart designs, develops, sells and implements wireless data systems, products and solutions for service providers in the telematics industry, which is a $7.7 billion industry worldwide and forecasted to grow to $24.3 B by end of 2006.
Telematics is the convergence of telecommunications, information management and computing in cars, trucks and boats.
  SatSmart was established in 1998 under a grant from the Israeli government to develop a global security and tracking system for cars, boats and trucks, based on emerging Low Earth Orbiting Satellites, combined with GPRS Cellular Data Communication.
  The founders developed the technology to introduce affordable telematics solutions, which do not require infrastructure and which can operate worldwide. SatSmart’s leaders have a successful track record in developing wireless technology and running service providers for telematics services.
• Zvi David is founder, President and CEO. Mr. David formerly established Eden Telecommunications, a telematics service provider, and served in senior executive positions for Nexus Telocations Systems and Tadiran Telecommunications.
  • Amiram Rafael serves on SatSmart’s board of directors. Mr. Rafael is a former Israeli Navy admiral and served as the top marketing executive of Tadiran.
SatSmart is privately backed by U.S.and Israeli investors, including the Technion Institute of Technology, which is the Israeli equivalent to M.I.T.
SatSmart has few Electronics Engineers and Software Engineers with experience in RF, digital signal processing, data communications & protocols, antennas, systems integration and location technologies. SatSmart also has one patent registered and two other pending patents and is a charter member of a forum that is developing a totally wireless automobile by 2010.