SatSmartís technology is based on Satellites for Wireless Data Communication between mobile units and a service provider or fleet manager from almost anywhere in the world. The Satellites can be either Iridium LEO Global Satellite Network or Inmarsat GEO Satellite Messaging Network. In addition, there is an optional GPRS Cellular Data Communication between mobile units and a service provider. Equipment includes mobile units, which have an embedded GPS receiver for global tracking and web server, which hosts a web site for dispatchers and fleet managers communicate with units from any computer connected to the Internet.
The system enables two-way data messaging between units and the server, which is ideal for monitoring, tracking, control and messaging applications from as simple as asset tracking to as sophisticated as remote diagnostics. All service providers / fleet managers need is the server and an Internet connection to begin communicating with units via the satellite network and / or (optional) GPRS Cellular network, quickening time to market and shortening their ROI.
Mobile Units
Mobile units can be installed in cars, boats, trucks, containers, etc, and perform three main functions: Satellite Communications, (optional) Cellular Communication, GPS positioning and application functions. Units can connect to a PDA, laptop or any PC for e-mail and messaging service and external systems, sensors and controls for remote diagnostics, detecting and reporting alarms and remote control. Furthermore, units are scalable for future enhancements.
Web Server
The server manages the communications and services between units and back end users and can be hosted by the service provider /fleet manager or a hosting company. The server hosts a web site for multiple users to access the system and interact with units, a database for storing subscriber information and events and maps for displaying unit location on the web site.
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